About Us

How we started everything

There was a time when I had a small Pinterest account, where I saved the coolest ideas that I've found. As time passed, I fell in love with internet. There are so many life changing ideas, that I just kept saving them at a higher than usual pace. And then suddenly my followers started growing (up until then, there were less than 10). It seemed that there was a larger community out there that was interested in practical and entertaining ideas.

And then everything happened fast. I became more obsessed (addicted) with Pinterest, and kept pining, as the community grew and grew. It seemed like every day I've found bigger and better tips, tricks, and products, that I was really fascinated by.

How the store came to be

And then one day, a friend of mine who shares the same geeky fascination as I do noticed that we have a ton of pins. A lot of them are DIYs, but some are products. Products that we bought, and we now love, and some that we would like to have if we could just afford them. And so we came up with an idea - what if we made a store will all the coolest gadgets, gizmos and tools that we have seen over this past year? And that is how we opened this store, and since then every day we are doing what we love! So be free to follow us on Pinterest where we share something new every day, or join our email newsletter.